2016 - NAS Fallon, Nevada/USA base visit

I had the privilege to visit NAS Fallon during Hornet Fleet Air Superiority Training (HFAST) with the VFA-2 "Bounty Hunters",  the VFA-192 "Golden Dragons", the VFA-105 "Gunslingers", the VFA-137 "Kestrels", the VFA-86 "Sidewinders", the VFA-32 "Swordsmen", and the VFA-131"Wildcats" present. With them flew the VAQ-135 World Famous Black Ravens, the VAQ-130 "Zappers", and the VAW-123 "Screwtops", while a Kir from ATAC, the F-5s from VFC-13 "Saints" and F-16 Vipers and F/A-18 Growlers from NAWDC (Naval Strike And Warfare Center) acted as adversaries. My very special thanks to Zip Upham for making this basevisit possible.

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